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What is Cniid ?
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The National Centre for Independent Information on Waste (Cniid) was founded in 1997. It is a Government-approved non-profit association (registered under the French ‘Loi 1901’ law) that specialises in environmental protection.

Cniid focuses on municipal solid waste issues. It also spearheads campaigns for environmental-friendly management of such waste, to cut its quantity and toxicity at source and to redirect it from planned incineration or landfilling.

Thanks to its members and donors, Cniid has no business with either the government or the industry, which allows us to act as a crucial counter-force in the complex and murky world of waste management.

What we do

Provide independent information

Cniid’s first mission is to provide independent information to all and sundry and to spell out the environmental, sanitary and economic stakes of waste management.

Cniid is both an awareness-raising body and a counter-force. We meet with citizens and local officials on a regular basis to educate them on how to cut waste and how to treat it properly.

Take action to cut waste

With a view to transforming waste management professionals’ usual practices, Cniid campaigns for legislation that is more respectful of the environment and of the common interest.

We campaign at the national and European levels for citizens’ voices to be heard and taken into account during public policy drafting.

Fight against polluting treatments

Right from the start, Cniid has fought against incineration and the landfilling of waste, which are both bogus, polluting, misleading solutions. Conversely, improving recycling, developing anaerobic digestion and composting are collective choices that reduce the impact of waste treatment on the environment and on public health.

To support local actions, Cniid coordinates and manages the National Coordination for the Reduction of Waste at Source, a network of associations from across the nation.

European and international networks

Cniid is a member of the European Environment Bureau (EEB) which echoes the voice of the environmental NGOs in EU decision-making.

Cniid is also a member of the Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives (GAIA).

In August 2010 Cniid joined the Climate Action Network France (RAC-F).

In July 2012 Cniid became member of the European environmental citizens organisation for standardisation (ECOS), an NGO that represent environmental NGO’s interests in the european normalisation process.

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